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Western Security Systems has over 25 years’ experience in providing effective CCTV solutions to companies and organizations of all sizes, as well as CCTV services to home owners.  The company only ever uses quality assured products such as Xtralis, Redvision, HIKVision, Dahua, Heitel and a few others that have stood the test of time ensuring ease of use and reliability for our customers.


We offer our CCTV services to all areas of South Wales and the South West region including Cardiff, Pontypridd, Merthyr, Aberdare, Newport, Swansea, Monmouth, Chepstow, Bristol, Cheltenham and Bath.


Our CCTV systems can be designed to be very basic (such as a small bungalow) right the way up to systems that have hundreds of cameras with many viewing monitors or viewing platforms. There really is no limit to what can now be done with a modern CCTV system.


As the company are now committed to only installing IP (Megapixel) Cameras systems rather than old fashioned analogue camera systems, the image quality is no longer just good, it is incredibly good. All of our CCTV systems now exceed basic HD quality which even your modern home TV can show so constant high definition crisp and sharp images can always be expected.


If your property needs to be electronically guarded then a “Monitored CCTV System” is just what you need. In this situation, your CCTV system would report any physical human movements within the protected areas to our NSI Gold accredited CCTV Monitoring Centre. They will examine any CCTV alarms they receive and if necessary call the Police and/or keyholders should an incident occur. Additionally, these systems also offer the benefit whereby a potential intruder can be scared away by the monitoring centre by making an announcement over external loudspeakers.


Whatever method you are looking for, you can be assured that Western Security Systems will look after you. All of our systems are designed to meet or exceed NSI code of Practice NCP 104 and may be audited for competency by NSI who are our governing body.


To compare the difference between the older analogue cameras and the newest IP camera pictures, take a look at the sample images below. As you can see the images on the left are grainy whilst the images on the right are crisper and when “zoomed in” allow for enhanced definition.


HD CCTV Cameras | CCTV Installers Cardiff | CCTV Suppliers Cardiff

CCTV Cardiff – Analog Camera, IP Camera | CCTV Installers Cardiff

If your next CCTV installation/project needs to be financed, we have a multitude of finance companies available that are able to accomodate your needs. Further details are available upon request. Don’t forget that there are huge tax benefits to leasing CCTV equipment for certain businesses and we suggest you speak to your financial advisors for clarification on the tax benefits available.


Finally upon completion of any CCTV work the company carries out, we will issue an NSI Certificate of Compliance. This is your industry backed guarantee that our work meets or exceeds the laid down industry standards. This NSI certificate is an extremely important part of any work carried out and you should always ensure that any company that carries out work within the electronic security sector is accredited by NSI as failure to do so could render any insurance cover invalid.


We can answer all of your CCTV questions about installation and how having CCTV can help keep you secure. We also offer different types of CCTV and if you would like to know more about the different types we have please do get in touch.